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Connah’s Quay High School’s Homework Policy is founded on the principle that all learners need to develop a capacity for independent study which will help learners develop the skills, confidence, motivation and self discipline necessary for life long learning. We also believe an appropriate homework programme contributes significantly to the progress and academic achievement of all learners, and a consistent approach should be seen whole school.

Parents play an important part in supporting their children to become independent learners by providing a quiet space and opportunity to complete homework and by monitoring what and how work is completed. In addition, they should contact the school if there are any concerns or questions surrounding homework.

Why is it important

Aside from developing the skills of the independent learner, homework is important for the following reasons:

    • It provides an opportunity for learners to demonstrate they want to learn by dedicating personal time to study
    • It allows learners to work at their own pace in a style suited to their own learning
    • A quiet space can often produce more thoughtful and reflective work
    • It allows a learner to review what has been learnt during the day and consolidate that learning
    • It allows the learner to reinforce and extend basic skills and knowledge
    • It creates opportunities to use materials not always readily available in the classroom, e.g. newspapers, the internet, current affairs programmes
    • It gives learners valuable experience of working to deadlines and prioritising commitments


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